When You Need Air Conditioning Repair Or Replacement?

Having your air conditioning unit working throughout warm months is extremely important. If your system is being serviced throughout the year on a regular basis, then you'll be able to catch any serious problems even before they cause your AC to breakdown. With some of AC repair issues, it may be simpler to just replace the entire unit instead. So the question is, when is the perfect time to replace the unit than just repairing it?

Air conditioning repair is pretty common for units that are less than 10 years old. In this kind of system, parts can still be obtained easily. What is meant by this is, they are going to cost you less than trying to find new parts for an outdated unit. Not only that, your technicians are more familiar with the technology that the unit is using. Fixing the problem is way cheaper than replacing it at the same time. On average, you'll have to spend 4000 dollars just to have your unit replaced not like when trying to repair the system, which will just cost you around 300 to 600 dollars.

You can make use of the unit's age, multiplied by the cost of ac service dubai repair in order to figure out if it's best to just replace the unit or call a professional air conditioning repair technician. Say for example that the total is more than 5000 dollars, then it's time that you should consider replacing your system. To give you an example, if the system is just 10 years old and the repair cost is only 300 dollars, then the total would be 3000 dollars, which makes it better to just fix the problem than replacing it.

Obviously, air conditioning repair works only if the unit stays fixed for a certain period of time. You don't want to constantly replacing the same parts as the unit isn't just working correctly anymore. If you use the same formula above and determine that the maintenance of the unit is more than 5000 dollars, then replacing it is the better deal. Not only that, knowing what your unit uses as refrigerant can help you as well in determining if you have to replace the system. Older units are using chlorofluorocarbon which damages the environment. Models that are manufactured after 2010 are using a different kind of refrigerant which is actually eco-friendly. Know more about HVAC services in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/air-conditioning .

Moreover, older units aren't as energy efficient and may use 30% more of your electricity. Even if the ac service dubai cost multiplied by its age is less than 5000 dollars, you might still want to replace the system if it's more than 8 years old as the energy consumption will be less efficient.